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By Christine Feehan

ISBN-10: 1101442506

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There is just one method for Dominic-one of the main robust of the Carpathian Dragonseekers-to research the secrets and techniques of the enemy: ingest their parasitic vampire blood, infiltrate the camp, and relay the info to the Carpathians. yet to do it, he first has to make it out of the camp alive.

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He covered his face with his hand, wept bloodred tears. His decision to ingest the vampire blood and end his life had cost him this one last shred of a dream. Worse, it had cost her. His woman. So strong, yet so fragile. What had he done? He had betrayed her as every other male had done in her life. He knew her--he knew her most intimate fears. Her thoughts. She had told him, but he hadn't listened, not as a lifemate. He should have known, but he'd given up, despaired, turned his back on the most important person in his life.

Glowing eyes like a cat, but fierce need like a child. Your warrior heart, loyal. " Your head in my lap: Csitri! Strong and wild. DOMINIC TO SOLANGE The birds went quiet. The monkeys ceased all sound. Even the insects held their breath. Everything in the forest stilled. Color burst behind Dominic's eyes, blinded him, even within the body of the eagle, so that for a moment all he could see was vivid, acute colors, every shade of green, dazzling reds and violets, the flowers on the trees drenched in water and bright beyond all imagination.

Shift and hide, get to safety. It is unsafe to communicate this way. Any surge in power will alert them. He was on his feet, already moving fast, sliding into the familiar persona of a warrior unsurpassed. Being a lifemate was new to him, but this--this he knew how to do. He took to the air, streaking across the sky, a dark cloud among the dark clouds, the form of a thousand bats, all with fangs and claws, all ravenously hungry--as he was. He let his hunger amplify, heard the howling wind high above the canopy, protesting the unnatural things traveling across the sky.

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