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ISBN-10: 1439175926

ISBN-13: 9781439175927

In Alexis Morgan’s electrifying new Talion experience, a pretty warrior fights to save lots of his headstrong lover from the crossfire of an evil plot to overthrow the Kyth’s chief. He questions every little thing. not anyone idea leader Talion Greyhill Danby may report back to paintings so quickly after wrapping up his affairs in London. however, he didn’t anticipate finding a gorgeous undercover agent with a tremendous angle in his new workplace. essentially the Kyth’s Grand Dame doesn’t belief him to do his duty—to guard her. She fears the reality. Piper Ryan isn’t partial to the association, both. Matching wits with an historical warrior isn’t in her administrative task description. yet sharing area with the red-hot head of defense can have all of sudden tempting merits . . . if he doesn’t dig into her mystery prior. Opposites continually allure. while threatening e-mails bring about risk, the fiery sparks among Piper and gray develop hot scorching. they need to safeguard the throne from a dangerous invisible attacker, yet will their raging hope preserve them jointly . . . or will their burning suspicions tear them aside?

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After pouring himself a drink, Harcourt sat on the sofa and patted the space beside him. ” She sat in one of chairs that faced the sofa instead, which surprised him. It was rare for Adele to defy him, even in such a small way. Yet there was nothing in her expression to suggest she was unhappy with him, so he let it go. He spent so much time trying to outmaneuver his competitors that he sometimes forgot not everyone always had an ulterior motive. ” he asked when she didn’t immediately speak. “Boring,” she answered with a note of amusement in her voice.

But I assure you, sir, I didn’t dump your precious tea in Puget Sound. ” He scrutinized the clutter with a slight sneer before turning back to her. ” He stalked out, taking most of the oxygen in the room with him. That was the only reason she could come up with for why she suddenly felt so breathless. Yes, that had to be it. Slowly the pressure in her chest eased, leaving her to figure out how she was going to share such a confined space with that uptight jerk. Sexy, but a jerk nonetheless. Turning back to her computer, she deleted the nonsense lines.

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