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SHERRILYN KENYON-Shadow of the Moon-Angelia has fought her complete existence to make herself robust. Now, along with her patria below hearth, she has to guard her humans from Fury and his werewolf extended family. Vowing to carry him to justice, Angelia units out alone-until t

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No," she said indignantly. "I didn't torture him. " Bride cocked her head suspiciously. " She was smarter than Angelia wanted. " "After how long? Fury was in pretty bad shape and I know how much damage he can take and still stand and fight. To pass out like he did. . " Angelia looked away, ashamed. It actually hurt her on a deeper level than she would have thought possible that she hadn't intervened sooner. What kind of person stood by while someone was brutalized? Especially someone she'd once called friend.

But this wasn't protection. This was all-out cruelty. Unable to bear it, she tried another tactic. " Dare frowned. "Why? " She gestured toward the tent as she tried to keep her anger under control. "You've been beating on him for hours, and it's gotten us nowhere. Let me try another approach. " Oscar put the poker back into the fire. "I need to eat anyway. " Repulsed by them both, Angelia turned around and headed into the tent. The sight of Fury on the floor stopped her dead in her tracks. Still in human form, he was naked with his hands tied at an awkward angle behind his back.

Those words wrung a deep sob from the woman. Fury ignored her and approached the table. The lion growled low as Fury neared him. It was an animal warning. The wolf inside Fury rose to the forefront, but he tamped it down. While the wolf might want to fight, the man knew a lion would tear him up. Sometimes it was good to have human abilities, even if those sometimes went to war with his wolf's heart. "Easy," he said in a level tone as he balled his hand into a fist to protect his fingers. If there was nothing inside the lion but animal, it would respond to any hostile or fear pheromones it smelled.

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