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By Eileen Wilks

ISBN-10: 1101545526

ISBN-13: 9781101545522

Improving from an test on his existence by means of an FBI traitor, Lily Yu's boss kinds a ghost solidarity that might function in secret-and outdoor the legislations. Lily's sense of right and wrong will not permit her subscribe to. Her fiancé, lupi Rule Turner, has no such reservations. but if a senator is killed, Lily's choice turns into an issue of existence and death-and the entire magic in among.

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As the faceless thing floated closer it stretched out one hand—and yes, that was clearly a hand. For all the vagueness of the rest of the form, that milky hand was painstakingly vivid, as if an artist had etched in every minute detail from the mound at the base of the thumb to the lines crossing the palm to the wrinkles at the joints. There was a ring on the third finger of that hand. A gold ring. Glowing. On the left hand, palm up. Beseeching. Lily’s heart raced and ached under the weight of a terrible pity.

Eventually. ” “Don’t hit hard. ” “I’ll bear that in mind. You were sure burning midnight oil for a while. If Nokolai hadn’t been able to . ” Her voice drifted off. He’d given the back of Scott’s head a pointed glance. ” Two mantles, two clans, two sets of guards. Scott was one of the Leidolf bunch. Mustn’t discuss Nokolai business in front of a Leidolf, even if the two sets of guards were playing nice together. Rule let the strand of hair unwind. “About the ghost that isn’t yours. ” That amused him.

First she’d be hit by Ruben’s news, then . . well, his nadia hated it when he kept secrets from her. He’d learned that he hated it, too, and was more than ready to lay that particular burden down. He’d had no choice. She knew him well enough to understand that. As he continued along the path, he felt the moon rise. He smiled. Her song was always with him, but the bulk of the Earth muffled it until her orbit and the planet’s slow turning brought her above the horizon once more. Tonight the song was quiet and pure, resonating inside him like a plucked harp string.

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