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Let John be brought in as the rightful 85 Decline and Fall of Byzantium Doukas heir of the Empire, and I will observe a state of complete serenity and peace with the Constantinopolitans. ” 3. Manuel was aware that the populace was being shaken by dissensions. ” Emperor Manuel, who was both prudent and very emate, observed that the rabble were complaining and accusing h h of not restoring the throne t o the successor, and of not being concerned with the salvation of the State because he desired to rule tyrannically.

When the emperor received no support from any of the kings, aristocrats, or demarchs, 66 he acquiesced. More than once Emperor Manuel was sent by his father Emperor John, with a hundred armed Roman troops, to campaign in the service of Bayazid when he was fighting against the Turks in Pamphylia. 2. He cut off the annual grain shipments from Asia to the islands-Lesbos, Chios, Lemnos, Rhodes, and so on. He fitted out a fleet and sent sixty long warships to Chios and put the city to the torch, devastating the surrounding villages as well as the Cyclades islands, Euboea, and the environs of Athens.

Then when the palace officials saw that they were in danger of death, they gave themselves up. 2. Entering the palace, he went to the innermost apartments and found the empress sitting with her son, unconcerned and unchanged in the wrath she felt for Kantakouzenos. She sat there showing no aim and utterly unafraid. ” Then when the whole army saw his great goodness and his absence of malice toward his enemies, they acclaimed and glorified him. He entertained the Turks with a suitable show of hospitality, and then dismissed them with numerous gifts con- 75 Doukas fessing his gratitude t o the ruler Orchan, his son-in-law.

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