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By Celeste Condit

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Condit offers a detailed examine how pro-life and pro-choice arguments have assisted in shaping the advance of public coverage and personal perform. She bargains readers an orderly means during the barrage of rhetoric and a chance to spot and make clear our personal evaluations on a truly tough topic.

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The social balance of power thus often hinges on the aptness of rhetorical structures for various audiences. account of the functioning of representative government is as the process of public argument and persuasion exerts a force of its own on the underlying social processes that it articulates. That is, public discourse is an active, change-producing, transformative process, not merely a passive conveyer belt. Because rhetorical units affect each other, in part through the consequences of specific discursive configurations themselves, particular ways of talking (and hence, of understanding and acting) may come into social being.

At this point, this model is no more than a hypothesis, and one for which I have not even provided sustained and detailed theoretical argument. Unless it can be applied to real historical situations, and unless the mechanisms via which rhetoric has actually shaped and transformed particular contests over changing material conditions can be described, there may be only ideological reasons to prefer it over Decoding Abortion Rhetoric 12 other theories, especially given the rather extensive theorizing and evidence compiled by Marxists describing underlying material forces The following an analysis of clear.

In practice the public does not necessarily include everyone equally, even though American ideology holds that it should do so. This is why opinion polls are not accurate indicators of "public opinion" or predictors of public policy. On numerous issues, ranging from the Equal Rights Amendment to the Panama Canal to gun control to aid for the Nicaraguan Contras, the polls show the beliefs of the populace to be at odds with the dominant meanings being conveyed in the public realm and with public policies.

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