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By Alexis Morgan

After a vicious assault, Paladin Hunter Fitzsimon is not any longer the warrior he as soon as used to be. So whilst he’s provided a move to the small Pacific Northwest city of Justice element, he is taking it. Tate Justice wishes a tenant for the condo above her storage, but if Hunter indicates up, whatever approximately him unsettles her—and it’s not only his attractive grin. while he doesn’t go back domestic one night and Tate reveals him left for lifeless after one other Kalith assault, she realizes how a lot he capability to her. and because the Kalith and the Paladins conflict it out, Hunter starts off to gain he’d do whatever to maintain her, too.

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In the back of her head, she’d been hoping that if a college student rented the garage apartment, she might have been willing to exchange working a few hours a week for reduced rent. Somehow she didn’t think Hunter would be interested. The image made her smile at the effect he’d have on her customers. He didn’t exactly exude warmth and welcome, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t sexier than sin. Oh, yeah, any woman with a pulse would sit up and take notice when he spoke in that gravelly voice and took her order.

His wavy hair needed a good trimming, and his clothes were chosen for comfort rather than style. She wondered why there was so much anger in his straight slash of a mouth and storm colored eyes. As much as she’d like to get to know him better, he’d made it abundantly clear that he wanted to be left alone. But why? Perhaps he’d always been a loner, but somehow she didn’t think so. She suspected the accident that had damaged his leg had left him wounded on the inside, too. She opened her book again, determined to lose herself in its pages.

Running in the dark could lead to disaster, especially if she sprained something vital. Impatiently holding her pace to a fast walk, she focused her eyes on the ground. Hunter wasn’t as familiar with the terrain as she was, so with luck she’d catch up with him before long. She doubted he’d even taken a flashlight. He seemed to prefer the cloak of darkness, although with his injury it struck her as foolish. Despite her caution, she tripped over a root just inside the tree line and stumbled forward, barely catching herself from taking a tumble down the sloping trail.

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