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This e-book is an try and unify those theories. via unification the idea of Markov method bears an intrinsic analytical software of serious use, whereas the speculation of Dirichlet areas acquires a deep probabilistic constitution.

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Wiener constructed the functional measure at the beginning of the 1920s (Wiener 1921, 1923, 1924) using an explicit mapping of the space of continuous functions into the interval (0, 1) ⊂ Ê (more precisely, into the interval (0, 1) minus a set of zero measure). 3 is transformed into the set on the unit interval with an ordinary Lebesgue measure. 50). The reader can find this construction in Wiener’s original papers and in chapter IX of the book by Paley and Wiener (1934). Later, mathematicians comprehensively studied the functional measure using the much more abstract and powerful method of the axiomatic measure theory.

E. we must integrate over the set of paths {0, 0; 0, t}); later we shall see that even more general path integrals can be reduced to this type. We take all the time intervals ti − ti−1 to be equal: ti − ti−1 = ε ≡ t/(N + 1) for any i = 1, . . , N + 1. The transition probability W in terms of the discrete approximation has the form W (0, t|0, 0) = I1 ≡ lim ε→0 N→∞ 1 √ ( 4π Dε) N+1 ∞ −∞ ∞ d x1 −∞ d x2 38 Path integrals in classical theory ... ∞ −∞ d x N exp − N 1 4Dε (x i+1 − x i )2 . 82) is a bilinear form (recall that x 0 = x N+1 = 0): N N (x i+1 − x i )2 = i=0 where A = (Akl ) is the three-diagonal matrix  2 −1  −1 2   0 −1  .

2 Wiener’s treatment of Brownian motion: Wiener path integrals Now we start the discussion of the original approach to the description of Brownian motion by Wiener (1921, 1923, 1924), where the concept of a path integral was first introduced. ♦ Markovian property of Brownian motion, Markov and Wiener stochastic processes Consider again (for simplicity) one-dimensional Brownian motion. 2) is given by È{x(t) ∈ [ AB]} = B d x w(x, t). 48) A Complete information about the stochastic process definitely contains more than just knowing the set of probabilities È{x(t) ∈ [ AB]}.

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