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Both church and state leaders lost the confidence of the masses who took it upon themselves to preserve their religious heritage. Emperors and bishops in collusion might betray the Orthodox cause (sometimes for money, as Doukas points out [XXXI 9]) but not the people-monks, nuns, or laymen. The impolitic actions of both imperial and ecclesiastical authorities, pressured by a papacy demanding spiritual submission in return for military aid, resulted in the demoralization of the beleaguered Orthodox Chris- tian flock at the very moment the external threat of the Ottoman Turks was at its greatest.

On the other hand, the "Sleepless Eye" punishes the other Christian nations because of their continuous insurrections against Byzantium (VI 2). Bayazid I's triumphs and licentious abuse of Christian youths and maidens are viewed by Doukas as "the wages of our sins" (XV 3). The Ottoman juggernaut, savagely despoiling the land and the Christian population, would be stopped only when Christians received the fear of God in their hearts. They are guilty of impiety toward the Divinity, scorning their baptism in the Holy Trinity and transgressing God's commandments (XXIII 8).

Lv 1. On assuming the rule after the fall of Lazar and Murad, as mentioned above, this Bayazid first made the Serbs subjects and tributaries, taking hostages and making treaties. He stipulated that Stefan, Lazar's son,23 consecrated kral by Serbia following that calamity, accompany Bayazid when on campaign with his Serbian troops. He further stipulated that Stefan give him in marriage his sister Maria, Lazar's daughter, a tender virgin, as well as many talents of silver from the silver mines of Serbia.

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